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Cambodia Building Decoration Association



Chapter 1
Name Address Identity Logos Seal

Article 1: Name
The official Khmer Name of the association shall be “Cambodian Building Decoration Association” and Abbreviated as “R.T.L.S”, and English name shall be “Cambodia Building Decoration Association” Abbreviated as “CBDA”.

Article 2: Address
The Head office of the “CBDA” is in Phnom Penh, “CBDA” will set up offices in other province according to the Association needs. The head office or office can be relocated as Association needs according the Commission 2/3 votes in favor.

Article 3: Identity
The Association is a non-government organization, Fair, non-racial, non-religious discrimination, no political discrimination, does not participate in political activities, Not to be politics appliances, including not provide material, financial or human resources to the government parties, Individuals or Supporters.

Article 4: Logos and Seal
Logos and Seal of “CBDA” Association as below:
The Association’s Logo as in Annex
The Association’s seal got double circles with size of 34mm, the up round side of the seal is Khmer name of the Association and the down round side of the Seal is English name of the Association, in the middle part of the seal is the logo of the Association and using blue ink.

Chapter 2

Article 5: The Association purpose as below:
Provide support and resolved to association members with all problems and difficulties while they faced in their business of Design decoration and Building.
As an effective network with customers and international or national partner on basic of commercial.
To entertain foreign business investigation group: government officials, business leader and VIP guest that visit to Cambodia.
Join the national and international commercial activities.
Exhibition and promotion for Cambodia commercial trading development.
Have ability to communicate with members on website.
To exchange opinions and perspectives with members about commercial exhibition.
To promote good relation between business persons, Association, organization with private institutions and government.
Promote market information to member by printing annually information book and provide to private institution and government.
Participation with social activities.
Provide opinion consultant and information about Cambodia development.

Chapter 3
Provisions on membership and Loss of membership

Article 6: All people both gender got age of 18 or above have right to apply become a member of the Association. All “CBDA” members and employees must comply with the laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Association bylaws and other decisions of the Association.
The association member as following:

  • Association member
  • Permanent member
  • Ordinary member
  • Personal member
  • Organization member

Article 7: Association member: Refer to a member on behalf of and Association.

Article 8: Permanent member: Refer to all legally registered in the Ministry of Commerce or Inland Revenue or other government departments.

Article 9: Ordinary member: Refer to individual shop owner legally registered as form of contract at country/district government.

Article 10: Personal member: Refer to a consultant or independent business operator that has not registered yet to any official department.

Article 11: Organization member: Refer to local or international non-government organization.

Article 12: Provisions on the loss of membership and employee:
Expire of work contract
Submit the Resignation to the Executive board with written form at least 15 days by whomself before leaving.
Not abide to the Association bylaws or other decisions of executive committee and after twice being advised by executive committee and still not repent that cause dismiss given by 2/3 voted of executive committee.
Commit any moderate cases or criminal cases and convicted the verdict by the court of Kingdom of Cambodia.
Mentally illnesses that confirm with certificate by Cambodia legitimate hospital.

Article 13: In case of a member or employee is dismissed, the executive committee shall convene a meeting to select a new candidate for replacing.

Chapter 4

Article 14: The structure of “CBDA” Association as below:
The Congress
The executive committee

Article 15: The executive committees have at least 4 members, 5 years per term. After the end of each term, the old executive committee members have the right to stand for election next term.

Article 16: Members of executive committee are determined by 2/3 vote of the Association, and at least the following 4 positions.
President 01 Position
Vice-President 01 Position
Secretary-General 01 Position
Administrative / Financial 01 Position

Article 17: President of the executive committee:
The President of the executive committee is the Association president, also the legitimate representatives of the association, that responsible to all transactions and activities of the association.

Article 18: Vice-President
To assist the president specified works and to be acting president by president authorization letter while president is absent.

Article 19: Secretary-General
To resolve all transactions of Association and to assist the president specified works.

Article 20: Administrative / Financial
Duties and obligation as follow:
To hold on Administrative works, finance, inventory.
Organize and archive files.
Managing staff works.
Preparation of meetings and congress minutes.
Manage and supervise all incoming and expending of the Association.
Making annual budget and financial report statements for Association president, executive committee and congress to vificate and approve.

Chapter 5
Funding sources and Management

Article 21: “CBDA” Association Funding Source
Donations of the Association members and employees.
Donations of materials and funds from all donors.
Donations from national/ international organization and Association.
Donations from domestic and international government.
Donations from Embassies or Aid agencies.
Incoming from Association legitimate activities.

Article 22: All income of the Association must manage by Association financial that Approved and signed by Association president, the income with cash or cheque must deposit to any legitimate bank in Kingdom of Cambodia by the name of “CBDA” Association according to executive committee decision. Some cash could store at Association finance according to necessary expending decided by executive committee. And withdrawal of cash or cheque must be signed by the financial officer and the Association president, or can give the right to any executive committee member with authorization written by the right owner whom self.

Chapter 6
Congress and meeting

Article 23: The congress shall be the Top power of “CBDA” Association
The Association congress has two types: General congress and non-General congress.

Article 24: General Congress: Hold once a year. Set in December, for:
Voting for Executive committee at the end of each term.
Review and estimate on annual activities and financial reports.
Examinate and decide on direction, purpose and financial budgets for following year.
Examinate and approve on article by law and regulation work.
Evaluate and resolve other work issues that apply by Executive committee.

Article 25: Non-General Congress:
As necessary or special case the Non-general congress could held on with non-periodic that invited by president or by 2/3 vote of Executive committee members.
Evaluate discuss and execute the article in necessary case.
Evaluate and decide to replace the association president.
Evaluate and execute the dissolution of the Association and clear allocation the association property.
Examinate and resolve necessary works within association.

Article 26: Effective conditions
All decisions of both congress shall be vote effective by 50%+1 decisive voice in curium of 2/3 attend of executive committee members. Though, if votes are equal, the congress president vote is priority, the congress president can be the association president or other independent person that choose by congress.

Article 27: Executive committee meeting:
Executive committee meeting shall be held once a month by inviting of Association president or in form of non-periodic meeting by 2/3 executive committee members application .to evaluate discuss and execute the policy that put on by president or executive committee for improve Association work actives .

Article 28: Both congress decisions become effective by 50%+1 countenance sound voting by 2/3 Executive committee member.

Chapter 7
Article Amended and Association dissolution

Article 29: The Article of Association may be a mended by requested of president or executive committee 2/13 members.
The execution of Association Article amended is duty of congress.

Article 30: Only congers may dissolute the Association. After dissolution, the congress should set up a committee to handle and clearing Association financial accounts, after clearing Association legitimate accounts, the residual property shall be donation to any has the same purpose legitimate organization or Association. Or donate to Cambodia Red Cross agency. After the dissolution of the association, the Association member and employee should also be disbanded.

Chapter 8

Article 31: Any other provision that conflict to the Association Article shall be seemed invalid.
Article 32: The Association Article is effective on the date of signature.

Phnom Penh 2013…………..
(Proxy) Executive Committee
Chen yong xiang