Development Plans

Development Plan of Cambodia Building Decoration Association

1. General
Cambodia Building Decoration Association, Abbreviation as CBDA. CBDA is approved by the Ministry of the Interior of Cambodia Government, Registered in December 2013.

2. The characteristic and purpose of the Association
CBDA is a non-partisan and non-profit national organization that voluntary composition by enterprises of Architectural management, Design construction, Materials production, Intermediary services, scientific research and education, social organizations and individuals. In order to provide advanced management concepts and business resources, build members communication platform, and finding effective ways to promote development in architectural decoration industry, integrating Cambodia into the ASEAN Economic Community in year 2015.

3. The Development direction of the Association
According to Cambodia government requirements and The Article of Association, CBDA will develop to industry standardization direction, mainly as following object:

  1. Professional training: CBDA will set up the Professional training center in future, cultivate all levels all types professional of architectural decoration industry. In order to meet market needs, the training center will be dedicated establish the designer training department, to cultivate a modern design ideas and concepts, creative and artistic accomplishments of architectural talent and enterprise management personnel, and to contribute for Cambodia building decoration industry.
  2. Set up CBDA’s website: To provide comprehensive information about the development in Cambodia, promote the Association member’s commercial information.
  3. Publishing CBDA Information journals: Introduce Cambodia development information by using three languages of Chinese, English, and Khmer. Publicize advertisements for the Association members.
  4. Contractors Industry Exhibition: The Association will try the best to promote Cambodia commercial trade development and organize activities for Association members and all business team, to further domestic and international exhibitions for promotion.

4. The CBDA Council:

  • The Council members:
  • Honorary President:
  • Principal Consultant:
  • President:
  • Vice president:
  • The Secretary-General
  • Deputy Secretary-General

5. The main role of CBDA

  1. Provide support and help to association members with all problems while they faced in their business of Design decoration and Building.
  2. To promote Cambodia decoration industry development, and be partnership with domestic and international in the same industry.
  3. Contractors Industry Exhibitions for Association members. To participates in the activities, Strengthen communication.
  4. Support the Association members to promote information via CBDA’s webside.

6. The Association funding sources

  1. Membership fee:
  2. Donation:
  3. Activities within the scope of business or Revenue of Service
  4. Other legal income:  Standard of CBDA membership fees: Member 600USD/year, Council 1000USD/year, Executive director 1500USD/year, President 3000USD/year, vice-president 1800USD/year, Non-Cambodian personal fee 360USD/year, Cambodian personal fee 180USD/year.

7. Properties management and Stuffing
The CBDA Association allocates with professional qualification in accounting and cashiers, Accounting should not act as cashier. The Association properties are supervised by the congress and the council of the Association. Any company or personal are not allowed to embezzle. Configuration and salary of professional staff of the Association are decided and execute by the Council.

8. Address of CBDA: 20E0 Street 271, Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

9. CBDA’s website: