In 2015, even more confidence will return to Cambodia’s economy, with greater political and social stability. There’s no doubt that every industry will grow strongly next year. 2015 will also open up a greater market for all, with the ASEAN Economic Community. I see it as an opportunity rather than a threat, since we will be able to deal with the whole ASEAN population of 600 million plus. 

We’ll start the year positively. As you have seen, Cambodia received the award for the world’s number one rice for the third year in row. The accolade can help to boost agricultural exports, especially milled rice. Cambodia has been the centre of peace in the region, and this will benefit the services industry, especially with an increase of tourists visiting Cambodia, which will be of benefit to all industries, including the growth of the banking industry.

The minimum [garment] wage, to be enforced in 2015, will benefit the labour force in the garment industry, and those workers will be an addition to the growing number of customers at banks and licensed microfinance intuitions for their payroll services.

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