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Wong Fu training group we are very grateful that five interns (Lin Jiali, Lin Zhiqiang, Linjin Shun, Liv Dergoul, Leng Sopanha) enrolled in the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) in Civil Engineering School came to our group training.

In the meantime, these five interns work very hard with our arrangements and timely completion of the company is very satisfied with their work especially their positive attitude towards work, learning spirit are worthy of admiration and study. In this group we sincerely thank these students to pay for and contribution to the Company and wish them future Fairview further. The Company accordingly internship expired on 23 April 2015 that juliana hotel invite these students to taste the delicious buffet specialties. The following section of the photo-sharing to feel better atmosphere. While Group door is always welcome them back to work.

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